• Advertising and influencing

    This interview is well worth a listen Rory Sutherland from Ogilvie talks about advertising as an influencing tool (not just to encourage people to buy but to fix problems and influence behaviour). The discussion is wide-ranging and interesting. I listened to it lying in bed on a Sunday morning, and i can say i felt […]

  • Strategy from Lego

    Check out this interesting interview with the former CEO of Lego from 2014. Here are some of my highlights: for 2 years, we didn’t have a strategy; we had a detailed action plan companies don’t die of starvation, they die of indigestion Less talk, more action: you can’t think yourself more effective They tracked their […]

  • Between jobs?

    Being between assignments is a frequent challenge for consultants and contract workers. Perhaps you’re between assignments, or just between jobs. The same principles apply. A few years ago a client asked me how to keep herself cheerful between assignments, so I wrote this book. Austin Kleon, whose book Show your Work inspires me daily (in both my […]

  • Emails are an issue!

    Email is an issue for us all. There’s too much of it. It provides a false sense of progress just by virtue of being answered (even if all it does is engender another email). And if we don’t answer immediately we feel guilty and anxious. The average email is answered in 6 seconds – if that’s […]

  • Get some sleep!

    How Much Sleep Do You Actually Need? And how do you get the right kind? This video summarises sleep research suggesting you need your sleep to function fully. And if you’re jetlagged or depressed, then this NY times article will give you some ideas on how to use sleep and light to make a dent in […]

  • Get messy

    Mess makes you more productive (but you won’t like it). I notice when helping people change their habits that they’ll often talk about how it feels weird, strange or uncomfortable to do the new thing (and without a little prompting they will just go back to how it was). They have to have a really good […]