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  • Find your boss’ number


    Your boss has a button. Find out what it is. One of the easiest ways to find a button is to check out your boss’ Enneagram type. The Enneagram is a people-typing tool which has been used for centuries to counsel people all across the world. It identifies 9 types of people, driven by avoiding […]

  • Escalate Well


    In many offices, being politically astute means knowing when and what to escalate to your boss. That is, as I wrote a few days ago, knowing what information they really care about. Most leaders especially appreciate knowing about things before they blow up. For example, Lisa said her team lacked political acumen. When we looked […]

  • Know what your customer cares about


    Getting ahead and building your reputation is hard if you give your customers marshmallows when they really care about toast. Clients, bosses and all types of customers can care about different things. They may care about performance indicators (something external to them). They may want to be listened to or have their opinions validated (a […]