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  • You’re hijacked


    Pause for Thought: Your attention is your most valuable resource, and it’s being hijacked by technology companies. Tech companies (facebook, youtube, snapchat, ted) are scheduling our lives for us by steering the time lines of a billion people (insane! the influence in that is incredible). Watch this video from TED. Here are some of the points […]

  • Presence and Voice


    Just the way that you speak can give an impression of true presence.  Your voice hits subconscious/unconscious buttons in the brain and make you credible, real, committed, or conversely incredible, funny or sad. Laura Sicola contends that part of why no one remembers names is because we don’t say our names properly when we’re introduced. […]

  • Kill Bad Habits


    It’s one thing to have a bad habit. But if you’re a procrastinator, a gum-chewer, a chocolate addict or a late sleeper how can you make the change you want easily? This Is The Lazy Way To Kill Bad Habits: 8 Secrets From Research gives you some excellent and easy things to do. And if you’re […]

  • Motivate yourself!


    It’s not talent that distinguishes the great from the also-ran. It’s motivation. Here are 3 ways to motivate yourself. And ways to increase your motivation when you just feel overwhelmed, stressed out or just not able to go on any more. And from Seth Godin, some stories to tell yourself to keep you fueled.

  • Between jobs?


    Being between assignments is a frequent challenge for consultants and contract workers. Perhaps you’re between assignments, or just between jobs. The same principles apply. A few years ago a client asked me how to keep herself cheerful between assignments, so I wrote this book. Austin Kleon, whose book Show your Work inspires me daily (in both my […]

  • Make Friends, Not Contacts: 5 Tips for Networking


    If you want to be happy, make friends. If you want to get a head in business network, right? No, just make friends. Here’s why and here’s how. This review of the book Never Eat Alone offers 5 tips for networking: try to Make Friends, Not Contacts. And here’s how to make friends (and why you’d want to). […]

  • 4QL yourself


    If you’ve planned something and not followed through on it at any stage in your life, this may help. This article summarises the 4 quadrants of 4 quadrant leadership*, and then suggests applying each of the 4 styles of management to yourself when you’re managing yourself towards your own goals. Food for thought! Four quadrant […]

  • Get more time


    Get control of your free time – it’s worth the 15 minutes. The exercises she suggests will be useful: pre-view a performance review for next year – what did you achieve? family holiday letter looking back on next year – what did you and the family get done? Then each week make a list for […]

  • Music to chill by


    This song reduces anxiety significantly. I’m listening to the music now, I hate it, but maybe i shouldn’t be typing while i listen.. In case you find it useful.