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  • Motivate yourself!


    It’s not talent that distinguishes the great from the also-ran. It’s motivation. Here are 3 ways to motivate yourself. And from Seth Godin, some stories to tell yourself to keep you fueled.

  • Between jobs?


    Being between assignments is a frequent challenge for consultants and contract workers. Perhaps you’re between assignments, or just between jobs. The same principles apply. A few years ago a client asked me how to keep herself cheerful between assignments, so I wrote this book. Austin Kleon, whose book Show your Work inspires me daily (in both my […]

  • Make Friends, Not Contacts: 5 Tips for Networking


    If you want to be happy, make friends. If you want to get a head in business network, right? No, just make friends. Here’s why and here’s how. This review of the book Never Eat Alone offers 5 tips for networking: try to Make Friends, Not Contacts. And here’s how to make friends (and why you’d want to). […]

  • 4QL yourself


    If you’ve planned something and not followed through on it at any stage in your life, this may help. This article summarises the 4 quadrants of 4 quadrant leadership*, and then suggests applying each of the 4 styles of management to yourself when you’re managing yourself towards your own goals. Food for thought! Four quadrant […]

  • Get more time


    Get control of your free time – it’s worth the 15 minutes. The exercises she suggests will be useful: pre-view a performance review for next year – what did you achieve? family holiday letter looking back on next year – what did you and the family get done? Then each week make a list for […]

  • Music to chill by


    This song reduces anxiety significantly. I’m listening to the music now, I hate it, but maybe i shouldn’t be typing while i listen.. In case you find it useful.

  • Get more money


    Research shows that mentioning a ridiculously large amount before you name your price gets you a better price (see the introduction of Cialdini’s book, Pre-suasion). And this article gives research about making a joke about how much money you want to be paid – e.g. “I’d love to be paid a million dollars, but I’ll settle for what’s […]

  • How to look more popular


    The outcomes of some cool research on what makes people look more popular in photos Stop watching at 3:50, because it’s just an ad for her program. Here are her keys: Don’t smirk Tilt your head (it says engaged and approachable) Do a REAL smile (with your eyes, not just your teeth)