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  • You get better with age


    I am well aware of the effects of aging on my own brain; a few years ago I read a book which outlined a few useful things about aging (yes, we forget names, of people and things, but we are better at synthesis). It is a symptom of my aging brain that I cannot for […]

  • Whose office matters


    Home ground advantage is important. Meet with your allies and your adversaries in your home ground whenever you can. Make sure your chair gives you a view of the door and anyone approaching. Choose the chair that works. Sit close to the powerful and influential people.

  • When matters


    If you’re fresh in the morning then do the difficult meetings then. Choose the time that’s best for you. If you generally are dozy after lunch, then consider two things: If you can, don’t schedule important meetings then If you’re not yet powerful enough to do this, then do what you can to reduce it: […]

  • What you wear matters


    Clothing matters. Clothes maketh the man, they say. Woman too. Consider an image consultant. I saw my first image consultant in 1994, and she has saved me thousands of dollars in previously unworn and “orphaned” clothing. She has also saved me so much angst: whenever I have a significant event (a wedding, a keynote, a […]

  • Care about the bigger picture


    So you may or may not know the bigger picture, but you need an awareness of context. If your boss doesn’t provide it, then you need to be informed. Set up a Google alert whenever your company or a competitor is mentioned online (get a digest if it happens a lot). If there are in-house […]

  • What others are wearing matters


    It’s not all about you. There is a consulting adage that you should dress as well as your most senior client. In organisations they suggest you wear the clothes for the job you plan to have next. It matters what others are wearing. In advertising or IT for example, there’s more cachet in no ties for […]

  • A feedback option that works


    Seth Godin has so many nuggets it’s hard not to just re-post about 80% of what he writes. This one is very useful though. He suggests that when we receive negative feedback we don’t counter each one, but instead write each down. This makes the client (staff member, spouse) feel heard. And it gives us time to […]

  • The Two Types of Knowledge


    Do you have Planck Knowledge or “Chauffeur” Knowledge? Planck reputedly had his chauffeur deliver his lecture for him. But when questions came, the chauffeur said “That question’s so easy I’ll ask my chauffeur to answer it” and Planck had to stand up and answer. What type of knowledge do you have? The Two Types of Knowledge