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  • A feedback option that works


    Seth Godin has so many nuggets it’s hard not to just re-post about 80% of what he writes. This one is very useful though. He suggests that when we receive negative feedback we don’t counter each one, but instead write each down. This makes the client (staff member, spouse) feel heard. And it gives us time to […]

  • The Two Types of Knowledge


    Do you have Planck Knowledge or “Chauffeur” Knowledge? Planck reputedly had his chauffeur deliver his lecture for him. But when questions came, the chauffeur said “That question’s so easy I’ll ask my chauffeur to answer it” and Planck had to stand up and answer. What type of knowledge do you have? The Two Types of Knowledge

  • How To Be Loved By Everyone


    We’d all like to know how to be loved by everyone. And it all comes down to one simple skill. Here’s how experts say you can learn it. Source: How To Be Loved By Everyone: 6 Powerful Secrets

  • Get Lucky


    From Eric Barker, a post about how to be luckier. It’s all based on research (there’s a book he mentions about magical thinking which may be amazing!). The key things are these: Keep trying new things. Trust your intuition. Be optimistic Don’t dwell on the bad. Look at the big picture. But read the post […]

  • Being the best isn’t all there is


    Margaret Heffernan’s TED talk below outlines how promoting only the best doesn’t always lead to the best outcomes. Learn the power of synchronised coffee breaks, a culture of helpfulness and why super chickens are not the answer.  

  • Fear Of Rejection


    Fear of rejection is universal. But research has answers to the right way to approach situations where we might be rejected — and how to cope when it does. This is the bit I like the most: ..joking actually reformats your perception of a stressor. “Humor is about playing with ideas and concepts,…So whenever we […]

  • Third Space: getting more out of the tiny time


    I recently read Overwhelmed, which showed me that we have a lot more leisure time than we’ve ever had before, but that we use it badly. Part of it is that the time is scattered in small moments across the day, not in chunks of hours. Dr Adam Fraser has some interesting ideas about how to […]

  • Make a plan and forget it


    “You may want to find God, but if you’re running low on cat food, you damn well better make a plan for dealing with it. Otherwise the cat food is going to take a whole lot more attention and keep you from finding God” Read more at How David Allen increased Drew Carey’s Productiivty