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  • Get messy


    Mess makes you more productive (but you won’t like it). I notice when helping people change their habits that they’ll often talk about how it feels weird, strange or uncomfortable to do the new thing (and without a little prompting they will just go back to how it was). They have to have a really good […]

  • Power Suits work


    formal clothing made people think more expansively and abstractly — more like a leader So casual Friday for offsites ain’t such a good idea! Power Suits

  • Stop and think


    Research that reflecting on what we do and what we learn means we learn better. And we’re more productive. Not a surprise for anyone trained as a trainer or teacher, but maybe news for the rest of us. And of course knowing isn’t doing (i.e. knowing that you need to pause doesn’t mean that you […]

  • Writing better!


    You may not be writing fiction, but the tips in this article by Andrew Kevin Walker, writer of the movie “Seven”, will get you going. He gives five tips on how to improve your writing. How To Improve Your Writing: 5 Secrets From Hollywood They are, in short: 1. Get a good structure 2. Surprise your audience 3. […]