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  • Eureka Moments


    Where Do Eureka Moments Come From? outlines more research on insight. Watch out for the coffee, and be aware that literally how you look at a problem can determine whether (or not) you solve it. Worth a quick read.

  • The clues to a great story


    We deal with complexity by constructing simple narratives. Here are the clues to a great story. We know that story works (when other things fail), because they help us make sense of the world. All of these posts also deal with stories.    

  • Creative insight needs pauses


    Creative insight needs pauses. The Key To Creative Insight Can Be Simpler Than You Think outlines new research about using “incubation” between ideas sessions. Not to be more creative, but to have “fresher” ideas. It makes sense with the whole idea of getting inspiration in the shower from the neurological research into insight. Which is […]

  • Creativity


    Steve Jobs on Creativity summarised by Farnam Street. The article says broad life (and educational) experiences gives you more to draw on for creativity. So get out from behind that desk and do something that isn’t what you’ve already done. Creativity: Some things which may be outside your norm Calligraphy is the Steve Jobs experience that […]

  • Entitlement breeds Creativity


    Researchers discover that a burst of entitlement yields a burst of creativity (but a lifetime of it might drain a person’s motivation). But other researchers have discovered a link between body language and creativity. Start with Entitlement Might Make You More Creative and then try the Body Language of Creative Thinkers.