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  • Making offsites work


    Offsites are such an effective way to plan, strategise or solve operational problems. They can bring teams together. Resolve cross-functional communication problems. Agree new ways of doing things. Build culture. Of course I can run one for you. My Offsites 101 pages give you the flavour of what I do and how I approach offsites. […]

  • Getting happier


    If 40% of your day is driven by habits, then new habits help you get what you want. Here are two great pieces of advice on getting the good life. My favourite one is “Don’t make life plans. Cultivate opportunities”. Find out which one is yours.

  • 4QL yourself


    If you’ve planned something and not followed through on it at any stage in your life, this may help. This article summarises the 4 quadrants of 4 quadrant leadership*, and then suggests applying each of the 4 styles of management to yourself when you’re managing yourself towards your own goals. Food for thought! Four quadrant […]

  • Get more time


    Get control of your free time – it’s worth the 15 minutes. The exercises she suggests will be useful: pre-view a performance review for next year – what did you achieve? family holiday letter looking back on next year – what did you and the family get done? Then each week make a list for […]

  • How To Be Successful


    I love the stuff that Eric Barker pulls together because it’s always backed by research, and it’s beautifully cross-referenced. You can enter his site, barking the wrong tree and follow links till the cows come home! How To Be Successful: 6 New Shortcuts Backed By Research is a great read that reminds you of things you […]

  • You gotta say no sometimes!


    We all must say “NO” to our clients sometimes. But how we say it, and why we choose to do so should be something we have determined in advanced. Strategy in Business talks about How to Say no when it really counts (I don’t think it goes far enough or gets practical enough on the how-to). […]

  • Intuition and when to use it


    Insight, intuition, making faster decisions, I’m a junkie for that kind of stuff. Here’s some great advice on when to use intuition. The distinction between a puzzle (which is soluble, has an answer) and a mystery (which may never be answerable) is a good one; mystery you use intuition (just ask Miss Marple, Sherlock and […]

  • Get more money


    Research shows that mentioning a ridiculously large amount before you name your price gets you a better price (see the introduction of Cialdini’s book, Pre-suasion). And this article gives research about making a joke about how much money you want to be paid – e.g. “I’d love to be paid a million dollars, but I’ll settle for what’s […]