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  • Psychopaths abound


    So you thought your boss was difficult. Is he or she actually a psychopath? Read about the high percentage of psychopaths in senior corporate life here. Then if you’re interested read my article on the things your CEO won’t tell you about corporate politics here. And how to deal with passive-aggressive people here.

  • Great Body Language


    Most people are unaware of their body language. Hey, most people are unaware of many of the things that other people use to judge, categorise and navigate dealing with each other (what you wear, how you speak, what you tell people). If you want to look like a boss, influence people, get a date or just […]

  • You gotta say what THEY think


    There’s a lot of pressure on a hostage negotiator. Pressure to make the guy with the hostages do what the negotiator wants. There’s a lot of pressure on technical professionals and consultants too. Before the hostage negotiator can do anything, they have to make sure the guy with the hostages feels like the negotiator ‘gets’ him. When the guy with […]

  • Improve Every Part Of Your Life


    It seems we need to celebrate, literally pat each other on the back and remember what’s good… read This Is The Most Fun Way To Improve Every Part Of Your Life. Bring on the wine.

  • Secrets to emotional resilience


    Emotional resilience gets you through life’s hardest challenges. If you’re going through a hard time at work (or at home), maybe there are some gems in here to help you. Remember, doing the same things and expecting different results is just the definition of insanity. Try something new. Here’s what a study of the most […]