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  • Does performance management matter?


    It’s always been clear that performance management systems cost organisations much time, money and angst. And we all know if you find out at a performance review that you’re not performing then your boss isn’t doing their job properly either. Dan Pink’s  Drive and Dan Ariely’s Upside of Irrationality have given us reasons to doubt performance bonuses. […]

  • Third Space: getting more out of the tiny time


    I recently read Overwhelmed, which showed me that we have a lot more leisure time than we’ve ever had before, but that we use it badly. Part of it is that the time is scattered in small moments across the day, not in chunks of hours. Dr Adam Fraser has some interesting ideas about how to […]

  • Make a plan and forget it


    “You may want to find God, but if you’re running low on cat food, you damn well better make a plan for dealing with it. Otherwise the cat food is going to take a whole lot more attention and keep you from finding God” Read more at How David Allen increased Drew Carey’s Productiivty

  • Come on Get Happy


    I can’t get enough of the “how to be happy” oeuvre. Here are some very practical tips Research-backed happiness wisdom from Sonja: Ask “What’s the best version of me?“: This can tell you what you value and what’s missing in your life. Now you know what interests you and can get you closer to that […]

  • Increase Happiness – time travel


    You read that right: time travel. No, you don’t need a suped up DeLorean or anything from a Terminator movie. Here are 3 secrets from research that work. Source: How To Use Time Travel To Increase Happiness

  • Get happier


    4 Rituals To Keep You Happy All The Time is more advice that we can all take. The 4 are: Count your blessings. Imagine an alternative reality where something good never happened (then come back to the reality and be happy). Remember something bad that happened, then work out how it was a blessing in disguise. […]