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  • Selling, being confident and games


    Want to sell an idea? Try this useful book from Dan Pink – To Sell is Human and of course Cialdini’s classic: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion. Cialdini has the new one, Pre-suasion, but I think for corporate application these two are stronger: The Small Big, and Yes! 50 secrets from the Science of Persuasion. These last two […]

  • Difficult questions


    You stand at the front of a room, you lead a change process, you ask people to do something new. You’re going to get questions. Sometimes you don’t want to answer those questions. Sometimes you can’t. Presentation Mastery includes a whole segment on answering questions.  Here in case you would like to practice is a […]

  • Discomfort then solution


    In an age of quick knowledge dumps, when you present you want to make an impact. You want to the audience to feel that you understand them, that you get their pain… and then give a solution. Read this HBR article about why.

  • Power Suits work


    formal clothing made people think more expansively and abstractly — more like a leader So casual Friday for offsites ain’t such a good idea! Power Suits