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  • Talking so people listen


    Julian Treasure gives a leisurely and informative talk which encompasses the 7 deadly sins of talking, and then offers some useful auditory-based ways to make your voice more attractive, and 6 short things to do to warm up your voice and your body to present. His first TED Talk about how sound affects us, lasts […]

  • Appear Smart in Meetings


    If you’re in need of a boost, try these 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings. It’s supposed to be comedy, but I suspect they all work! And another version of the same article with better drawings here.

  • Meet Standing up


    Want More Productive Meetings? Ditch Your Chairs follows up on the prevalent idea that Sitting is the New Smoking, showing that standing up makes meeting quicker, and in fact people are better team players.

  • Preparing for a big presentation


    Came up with these tips in response to a request from an excellent client of mine last week in Singapore. Let me know if they help you! 1. Make sure your powerpoint deck is prepared well in advance. 2. Get yourself a few good stories or case studies from clients, suppliers or from your own […]

  • Should I tell you now, or should I tell you later?


    When you tell someone about your product can influence whether they buy it or not. If it’s from a reputable source or a known brand, tell them before they sample it. If it’s from a surprising source, then tell them after they sample it. The blog post from which I took the quotes has been […]

  • Visual Metaphors enhance Creativity


    It seems that visual metaphors enhance our creativity. Or dampen it. Give us a lit bulb we’re better, make it a dull bulb, we’re worse. How are you setting up your conference rooms, offsites and offices to be more creative? What props could you spike the room with the spark the participants? Read it: The Remarkable […]

  • Criticize with Kindness


    How to Criticize with Kindness Is a summary of philosopher Daniel Dennett’s book which includes the four steps to arguing intelligently. They are: re-express your target’s position so that your target says, “Thanks, I wish I’d thought of putting it that way”. list where you agree mention anything you have learned from your target Only then […]