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  • Managing anger the smart way


    We all get angry. (I get angry all the time). And I know it clouds my judgement. We know that making decisions when angry is not a good idea. This post from Eric Barker summarises the best of recent research on managing anger, which comes down to: Don’t deny it or suppress it Venting doesn’t actually work […]

  • Why Karaoke will give you success at work


    Karaoke can make you look foolish. But showing your vulnerabilities can work to make you more popular. See this excellent post from Barking up the Wrong Tree which suggests ways to improve difficult relationships, including Screw up: If you’ve been presenting too perfect an image, it’s time for karaoke. Show you care: Apologize for the rain […]

  • What you didn’t know you needed to know


    Watch Susan Colantuono on the missing 33% (TM). Aside from the annoying “tm” it’s got a great message: financial strategic and business acumen is a given for senior roles but it’s never spoken about when people are giving advice on how to succeed. She quotes one (male) mentor who says he helps women mentorees with confidence […]

  • Status, Lying and Email


    The Secret Language Code: Scientific American shows how linguistic analysis can predict your status compared to your readers’, your academic success at university and whether or not you are lying! Mostly based on pronouns, concrete nouns and verbs.   And if you’d like to make your emails be more welcome and helpful, consider telling your […]

  • How’s your strategy?


    Six Strategy Traps outlines the do-it-all strategy the Don Quixote Strategy the Waterloo Strategy the something-for-everyone strategy the dreams-that-never-come-true strategy the program-of-the-month strategy. Which one are you in danger of setting up right now? Fix it!

  • Getting Luckier


    If you think a lot of the people around you got successful through lucky breaks, how do you manufacture some lucky breaks of your own? For starters, try Five Techniques to Improve Your Luck

  • Get good sleep


    You need around 7 – 8 hours per night. less than that and you’re functioning  as well as if you were drunk, and you lose the ability to judge how functional you are (I don’t feel tired!). more than that can also be bad for your health Your Brain On 6 Hours Of Sleep A Night […]