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Difficult questions

You stand at the front of a room, you lead a change process, you ask people to do something new. You’re going to get questions. Sometimes you don’t want to answer those questions. Sometimes you can’t.

Some sample difficult questions

Presentation Mastery includes a whole segment on answering questions.  Here in case you would like to practice is a list of difficult questions. Try the question answering formula in your manual to answer. And of course a story.

Do you think this is a good objective?
How are we meant to apply these skills when access is so hard and we can barely get time in front of our customers?
I know this content, do I have to remain till the end?
Why are we doing this?
What are the deliverables or what are we trying to achieve with this program?
Why do we have to do role plays?
How do we fit this xyz training into an already packed year?
If I already know the answer, why do I have to go through the process?
I’ve done this before, why are we doing it again?
How are you going to do to embed these changes?
What would you do differently next time?
Why do our processes fail?
Why do we always overcomplicate things?
Why do we need to do this?
Why do we always say “yes” to projects like this?

Also essential is rapport (pacing and leading). People will listen, pay attention, believe you and trust you when you have it. When you don’t, you may as well be speaking a foreign language. More on that in these posts:



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