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Improv in Business: Working At The Top of Your Intelligence

Recall that moment when you where your most creative, aware, and tuned into the world around you. Imagine how valuable it would be to harness that state of mind and apply it at will to your most stressful and challenging business situations”…

Read this┬áchange this manifesto from a musical improviser, likening improvisation in business to a “diving catch” in a ball game. It says a lot of things I love about comedic/theatrical improvisation.

I have been improvising since 1999 (wow, where did the time go) and it’s one of the things that keeps my mind alive, and has proven to be immeasurably useful in business. When things go wrong, when stress levels are high, when adrenaline is pumping, improv teaches us all to be graceful and creative under pressure. Learn about my corporate gigs using improv here.

And for good measure here are some other Change This inspired by improvisational approaches: Don’t script, improvise, about corporate structures. And Improvisational Innovation, about, strangely enough, innovating “how to identify, source, data-mine and execute upon new ideas from any employee, at anytime”.


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