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Managerial Courage training

Managerial Courage: the One thing that sets a successful leader apart from the others

Courage to risk it and put forward an idea.

Courage to face and fix a difficult issue.

Courage to trust others enough to delegate.managerial courage

Managerial Courage: The courage to say No, and to say Yes

Courage to fail, and the courage to get back up again.
Give your management team an experiential day to find where that courage resides.
Stretch them. Test them. Let them take their courage to its limits.
Dates TBC
Sydney CBD
$797 for up to 5 managers.

Contact me about in-house options for Managerial Courage training

management courage

Giving teams an improv experience reinforces the courage to choose and the ability to cooperate. Transplanting that to the workplace is a pathway to better communication, management choices, enhanced productivity and a bonded work team.