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  • It’s a big decision – here’s how you make it


    Click to read the Farnam Street post about how people make big decisions. It’s worth it for the cool diagram. And then follow up with how to use mindfulness to make better decisions. Other posts on decision-making: Your Product is Decisions Too many decisions! Intuition and when to use it The tyranny of choice

  • When matters


    If you’re fresh in the morning then do the difficult meetings then. Choose the time that’s best for you. If you generally are dozy after lunch, then consider two things: If you can, don’t schedule important meetings then If you’re not yet powerful enough to do this, then do what you can to reduce it: […]

  • Managing your time is a political issue


    I have never yet heard a coaching client say “I have so much time, please give me something to do” (well if I did it wouldn’t be for very long, someone would certainly fill up their day with stuff!). So time’s an issue for most of us. Here are a few tips that may help […]

  • Job interview tips


    If you’re between jobs, then here are some interview tips How To Nail An Interview, In 6 Simple Charts is a humorous, but useful, interpretation of what you need to do to impress. They say it is your weak ties which find you jobs, but the strong ones will get you the job. See here. More […]

  • Get people to like you


    You know that I’m big on rapport, and I’m an improviser so I say “yes and”. This is a useful article giving you some basics in getting people to like you that is worth your time. “seeking advice is among the most effective ways to influence peers, superiors, and subordinates” more in How To Get […]

  • Management Secrets


    Managing people is not easy. So I’ve been gathering some great ideas for you. Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses outlines some important concepts (including “my employees are my peers, not my children”). And here’s another: stop asking your direct reports “How can I help you?”. Here’s why.    

  • Eureka Moments


    Insight is what separates the great from the also ran. It’s an essential component of political acumen. It’s part of what makes you emotionally intelligent in the face of all kinds of adversity. Where Do Eureka Moments Come From? outlines research on insight and where it comes from. Watch out for the coffee, and be aware that […]

  • Stay calm under pressure


    If you’re doing great things then you’ll be putting yourself under pressure. Staying calm when this happens is what will make it easier. Follow these tips – how not to choke under pressure when presenting and this one from Psychology Today here are some more from a bomb disposal expert (wow, that’s REAL pressure!) In […]

  • Hate Small Talk? Questions to help you work a room


    You’re at a work event or a networking event. Or your partner’s event. You have to stay. You need to talk to strangers about stuff. Here’s some stuff to talk about! Hate Small Talk? These 5 Questions Will Help You Work Any Room Make Friends, Not Contacts: 5 Tips for Networking Networking isn’t sleazing How […]

  • Persuading people


    Coaching women in business I find that part of every woman’s job is persuading others to take on her ideas, do what she asks them to or even buy what she’s selling. If that’s you, then you need to know Robert Cialdini’s six influence principles (Commitment and Consistency, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Authority, Liking, Scarcity). The […]