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  • Charisma 101


    This video has the results of interesting research on how you can learn charisma: Embrace imperfections Don’t be a conversational narcissist Gush don’t gossip (watch out for “spontaneous trait transference”) show your hands above the table (they rate you as trustworthy if they can see your hands gaze deeply in their eyes (notice their eye colour)

  • Great Body Language


    Most people are unaware of their body language. Hey, most people are unaware of many of the things that other people use to judge, categorise and navigate dealing with each other (what you wear, how you speak, what you tell people). If you want to look like a boss, influence people, get a date or just […]

  • Don’t cut off your dog’s tail 1 inch at a time


    There’s a Russian anecdote about a man who loved his dog so much that when the vet told him he needed to cut the dog’s tail off he couldn’t do it all at once, so he did it an inch at a time. Don’t be that kind of manager.” An invaluable lesson from My Management Lessons […]

  • Scientifically proven ways to get happy


    It’s easier than you think. The 6 suggestions (with evidence) are: listen to music from a happy time in your life smile and wear sunglasses think about your goals get sleep reduce stress (to reduce procrastination) go for a walk every morning, preferably with a friend. Read more about it Neuroscience Discovers 5 Things That Will […]

  • You get better with age


    I am well aware of the effects of aging on my own brain; a few years ago I read a book which outlined a few useful things about aging (yes, we forget names, of people and things, but we are better at synthesis). It is a symptom of my aging brain that I cannot for […]

  • Whose office matters


    Home ground advantage is important. Meet with your allies and your adversaries in your home ground whenever you can. Make sure your chair gives you a view of the door and anyone approaching. Choose the chair that works. Sit close to the powerful and influential people.