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  • What you wear matters


    Clothing matters. Clothes maketh the man, they say. Woman too. Consider an image consultant. I saw my first image consultant in 1994, and she has saved me thousands of dollars in previously unworn and “orphaned” clothing. She has also saved me so much angst: whenever I have a significant event (a wedding, a keynote, a […]

  • Care about the bigger picture


    So you may or may not know the bigger picture, but you need an awareness of context. If your boss doesn’t provide it, then you need to be informed. Set up a Google alert whenever your company or a competitor is mentioned online (get a digest if it happens a lot). If there are in-house […]

  • What you take off matters


    What clothing you take off during the day, in meetings, while presenting, while working at your computer, matters. Taking off a tie, a jacket and rolling up your sleeves signifies getting down to business. It’s so ingrained we even have it in our language. So pay attention to what you take off when. Since most […]

  • Consciously assess your status relationships


    Neurological research tells us that one of the first things we assess when entering a room is status: where we fit in compared to the rest of the room. We don’t do it consciously. But you can begin to consciously assess and see how you can position yourself in a way which doesn’t lower your […]

  • See Cindy Tonkin Ignite Sydney live!


    Update: You can see this Ignite talk here If you are in Sydney on March 17 and haven’t seen Ignite yet, you should – it’s a buzz of an evening, people giving 5 minute talks about everything from penny farthings to mud huts and tech talks. Come along on 17 March 2015. I’ll be there, […]

  • You need time!


    Politically astute people put their time where it matters most. And if they don’t have enough time, they choose the right things to keep and the right things to delegate or drop. You need to ensure that you are doing the things that make your boss or clients more likely to see you as a […]

  • Get some time


    The most precious commodity in organizational life right now is Time. If you’ve got it you can make things happen. If you haven’t you’re scuttling around and feeling ineffective. So to get ahead you need one thing: Time. Time will buy you the ability to get attention, resources, and more time. So Delegate Read the […]

  • Keep your own performance file


    Your work achievements lay the foundation for your advance. So make a performance file on yourself. No one else will do it. Take the time to add the special or business-as-usual projects you undertake. Even note the times you smoothed the waters through good communication, when you helped a colleague get back on track, or […]

  • You’re responsible for your own professional development


    People who get ahead ensure they get the skills and develop the networks they need. Sometimes work will pay. Sometimes work won’t. In the end, you are responsible for your own professional development. Read, watch YouTube videos, enroll in a study program, a public course, or a postgrad degree. At your own expense if you […]

  • Stop the will


    Listening to complaining literally damages people’s brains. It takes away neurons from the hippocampus. Not only that, it drives people away from the complainer. Listening to it is just an unpleasant social experience. That is the opposite of a politically smart move. So don’t do it. Instead, take some responsibility and offer practical, proactive solutions. […]