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  • Stop the whining


    Listening to complaining literally damages people’s brains. It takes away neurons from the hippocampus. Not only that, it drives people away from the complainer. Listening to it is just an unpleasant social experience. That is the opposite of a politically smart move. So don’t do it. Instead, take some responsibility and offer practical, proactive solutions. […]

  • Don’t be a zombie


    Maybe you can do your job on your ear. Phoning in your job, never going out of your way to help those around you, and never showing any enthusiasm. That’s an office zombie. Whatever your job is, don’t let it make you a zombie. And don’t run away from it by using your work time […]

  • Say Good Morning


    Some of us can be a bit too task-oriented in a world where a lot of people focus on maintaining relationships. If you’re one of the task-focused people, put it on your to-do list to say good morning to every person, every morning. You’ll be surprised how relationship-oriented people will brighten when you acknowledge and […]

  • Laugh


    People want to be around people who make them feel good. What does that mean in business? Laugh! Laughter relaxes the whole body, boosts the immune system, triggers the release of feel-good endorphins and protects the heart. It’s that easy. Those with political acumen laugh with people, not at them. Check your environment before telling […]

  • Find your boss’ number


    Your boss has a button. Find out what it is. One of the easiest ways to find a button is to check out your boss’ Enneagram type. The Enneagram is a people-typing tool which has been used for centuries to counsel people all across the world. It identifies 9 types of people, driven by avoiding […]

  • Escalate Well


    In many offices, being politically astute means knowing when and what to escalate to your boss. That is, as I wrote a few days ago, knowing what information they really care about. Most leaders especially appreciate knowing about things before they blow up. For example, Lisa said her team lacked political acumen. When we looked […]

  • Know what your customer cares about


    Getting ahead and building your reputation is hard if you give your customers marshmallows when they really care about toast. Clients, bosses and all types of customers can care about different things. They may care about performance indicators (something external to them). They may want to be listened to or have their opinions validated (a […]

  • Improv games in action


    Improv games are great for trainers: they require no equipment, no preparation and have a number of excellent applications to the world of business. Cindy Tonkin is running a fun and interactive session at The Australian Institute of Training and Development Annual General Meeting in Sydney, Australia  on November 28th 2014. Come see improv games […]

  • Cindy Tonkin articles

    Cindy Tonkin articles for managers, consultants and leaders. Click on the link below to go to the articles under that heading: Getting what you want Managing others Managing yourself Persuading and selling Pleasing your boss and your clients Status and power Cindy Tonkin’s Books Presentations and meetings Click here for my Linked in Pulse author […]