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  • Improvising for Science


    Improvisation is about dealing gracefully and creatively with the unexpected. About adjusting your communication so it’s heard. That’s why they’re teaching it to scientists now. I improvise regularly to keep getting better at both of these important skills. I work improvisation into most of my offsites and training programs (Presentation Mastery, Making no Sound like Yes). The […]

  • The Two Types of Knowledge


    Do you have Planck Knowledge or “Chauffeur” Knowledge? Planck reputedly had his chauffeur deliver his lecture for him. But when questions came, the chauffeur said “That question’s so easy I’ll ask my chauffeur to answer it” and Planck had to stand up and answer. What type of knowledge do you have? The Two Types of Knowledge

  • Being the best isn’t all there is


    Margaret Heffernan’s TED talk below outlines how promoting only the best doesn’t always lead to the best outcomes. Learn the power of synchronised coffee breaks, a culture of helpfulness and why super chickens are not the answer.  

  • The Last Thing We Need Right Now is a Vision Statement


    The last thing we need right now is a vision statement. This quote from Lou Gerstner about his first years at IBM hit me between the eyes. However, what was also clear was that IBM was paralyzed, unable to act on any predictions, and there were no easy solutions to its problems. The IBM organization, […]

  • Getting Luckier


    If you think a lot of the people around you got successful through lucky breaks, how do you manufacture some lucky breaks of your own? For starters, try Five Techniques to Improve Your Luck

  • Sleep and Learning


    The benefits of a good night’s sleep  explains how sleep and memory work. sleeping 3 hours after learning factual / declarative memory and 1 hour after using procedural memory is more likely to embed it.