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  • Writing better!


    You may not be writing fiction, but the tips in this article by Andrew Kevin Walker, writer of the movie “Seven”, will get you going. He gives five tips on how to improve your writing. How To Improve Your Writing: 5 Secrets From Hollywood They are, in short: 1. Get a good structure 2. Surprise your audience 3. […]

  • The complexity of creative personalities


    Creative people are not easy to pin down. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the guy who pinned down “Flow” so beautifully kinda fails to do so with this list of ten pairs of opposite traits that creative people exhibit. But worth a look, because maybe there’s a trait he’s missed? Ten Pairs of Opposite Traits That Creative People Exhibit

  • Improvisation applied to Field Service


    American Express, Dupont, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and more have used improv training to help improve employees’ communication skills, adaptability and ability to handle a crisis Read more about it here: 3 Ways Improv Comedy Can Improve Field Service

  • Make a plan and forget it


    “You may want to find God, but if you’re running low on cat food, you damn well better make a plan for dealing with it. Otherwise the cat food is going to take a whole lot more attention and keep you from finding God” Read more at How David Allen increased Drew Carey’s Productiivty

  • The Last Thing We Need Right Now is a Vision Statement


    The last thing we need right now is a vision statement. This quote from Lou Gerstner about his first years at IBM hit me between the eyes. However, what was also clear was that IBM was paralyzed, unable to act on any predictions, and there were no easy solutions to its problems. The IBM organization, […]

  • Take notes by hand — not on a laptop


    Whenever you are learning, you should take notes by hand — not on a laptop, according to the research. Engages different parts of the brain, makes you think more conceptually, doesn’t distract you with beeps or buzzes, is easier on the eyes…. and you retain more. Enough said. And if you’re dead set on having to write […]

  • Creativity and distraction


    Endlessly Distracted? Blame Your Own Creative Genius outlines new research. Creativity and the inability to filter out sensory information go together. If that doesn’t please you, then perhaps this article about walking and creativity may be more your cup of tea.  

  • Now or Not Yet


    Believing we can’t get better is just not going to cut it in today’s organisations, is it? If you think that you’ve finished learning, think again. Carol Dweck: The Two Mindsets looks at a fixed intelligence vs a growth mindset. I love the idea of attaining a “not yet” grade, rather than a failure.

  • Yes And


    Improvising from the perspective of Second City as reviewed by 800-CEO-READ. An interesting idea about diversity in teams and team-building vs ensemble building. Click here to read