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  • Stuck, an allegory disguised a children’s book


    When you listen to Stuck, a story about “solving a growing problem by throwing things at it”, there will no doubt be some echoes of some of the organisational and personal problems we encounter on a day to day basis. I especially like how the boy “solves” the problem.

  • We crave creativity but reject creative ideas


    Truly creative ideas produce uncertainty. So while we say we want it, we’re afraid of it. Why we crave creativity but reject creative ideas outlines the research findings. More on creativity: Sell creativity and cross-pollination The complexity of creative personalities Jazz Legend Bill Evans on the Creative Process Get creative, get inspired

  • We all know it – get moving!


    The more I read, the more I think we already know what we need to know. Fast Company’s article The Creative Brain On Exercise has this luscious quote: “The sad truth is that if we make the time to exercise, it makes us so much more productive and leads to such improved creativity, cognitive function, and […]

  • Creative methods in organisations


    Just putting the finishing touches on a presentation/workshop for the Creative Methods Conference in Melbourne this week (October 5 – 7, 2011). Here is a handout I’m preparing for my session on working with creative arts in corporates: Solving the Insoluble.  The session is a sample session I have run for corporates before, which is both […]

  • Doodle and Retain


    I just watched this 5:15 ted talk from Sunni Brown about doodling. She says that doodling involves all 4 of the major learning senses (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Auditory-Digital) and emotion, and because of this, we retain 29% more when we doodle listening to high information density which we need to process. Rather than distracting us, […]

  • Why you promote someone, trust them and love working with them


    Seth Godin’s blog today, on the difference between a naive and a professional farmer goes some way to explaining some difficulties I have every now and then when talking about what I do, why I do it, why I read so much, and don’t always consider ‘work’ as work. I believe this difference that he […]

  • Conan O’Brien says improv is like surfing


    Conan O’Brien says Improvising is like surfing in this Fast Company article on the top 100 creative people in America. “I heard once years ago, they did a study and they found that really successful CEOs are good at knowing what’s in their control and what’s not in their control”. This is what improvising gives you […]