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  • People Argue Just to Win


    So you thought that you argued because you were right, rational and if only people see your point of view they’d be convinced, right? Well it seems that People Argue Just to Win according to the NY Times. Even when it’s not rational to do so. And then facts don’t change our mind. Surprising we even converse.

  • Saying no to a project


    There are so many things that we COULD be doing with our time. I always say that time management is a political issue, meaning that putting our time where others want it to be can be a political choice (where does your boss want you to focus? where does your client want you to focus?). […]

  • It’s a big decision – here’s how you make it


    Click to read the Farnam Street post about how people make big decisions. It’s worth it for the cool diagram. And then follow up with how to use mindfulness to make better decisions. Other posts on decision-making: Your Product is Decisions Too many decisions! Intuition and when to use it The tyranny of choice

  • Job interview tips


    If you’re between jobs, then here are some interview tips How To Nail An Interview, In 6 Simple Charts is a humorous, but useful, interpretation of what you need to do to impress. They say it is your weak ties which find you jobs, but the strong ones will get you the job. See here. More […]

  • Get happier


    The internet is full of research on how to be happier. Take some of these ideas and play with them. Firstly, this research suggests that just noticing the natural environment: the tree by the bus stop, the roses on your doorstep, can make you happier. 4 Rituals To Keep You Happy All The Time says: Count […]

  • Get people to like you


    You know that I’m big on rapport, and I’m an improviser so I say “yes and”. This is a useful article giving you some basics in getting people to like you that is worth your time. “seeking advice is among the most effective ways to influence peers, superiors, and subordinates” more in How To Get […]

  • Breathe, unplug, daydream… to be more productive


    You can be more productive than you are. Here are two different ends of the spectrum: some holistic solutions and a few more practical. Which one appeals to you more? This Inc article offers 5 Tips for Increased Productivity through Mindfulness. They are: Take five to breathe Download a meditation app. Uni-task Let your mind wander […]

  • Psychopaths abound


    So you thought your boss was difficult. Is he or she actually a psychopath? Read about the high percentage of psychopaths in senior corporate life here. Then if you’re interested on dealing with it: read my article on the things your CEO won’t tell you about corporate politics here. how to deal with passive-aggressive people […]

  • Hate Small Talk? Questions to help you work a room


    You’re at a work event or a networking event. Or your partner’s event. You have to stay. You need to talk to strangers about stuff. Here’s some stuff to talk about! Hate Small Talk? These 5 Questions Will Help You Work Any Room Make Friends, Not Contacts: 5 Tips for Networking Networking isn’t sleazing How […]

  • You’re hijacked


    Pause for Thought: Your attention is your most valuable resource, and it’s being hijacked by technology companies. Tech companies (facebook, youtube, snapchat, ted) are scheduling our lives for us by steering the time lines of a billion people (insane! the influence in that is incredible). Watch this video from TED. Here are some of the points […]