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  • Improv in Business: Working At The Top of Your Intelligence


    “Recall that moment when you where your most creative, aware, and tuned into the world around you. Imagine how valuable it would be to harness that state of mind and apply it at will to your most stressful and challenging business situations”… Read this change this manifesto from a musical improviser, likening improvisation in business to […]

  • Selling, being confident and games


    Want to sell an idea? Try this useful book from Dan Pink – To Sell is Human and of course Cialdini’s classic: Influence, the Psychology of Persuasion. Cialdini has the new one, Pre-suasion, but I think for corporate application these two are stronger: The Small Big, and Yes! 50 secrets from the Science of Persuasion. These last two […]

  • Get messy


    Mess makes you more productive (but you won’t like it). I notice when helping people change their habits that they’ll often talk about how it feels weird, strange or uncomfortable to do the new thing (and without a little prompting they will just go back to how it was). They have to have a really good […]

  • Improvising: listening, reacting, supporting


    I’m such a fan of improvisation as a way to become more human, more connected and smarter. It’s also about listening, reacting and supporting. Great improvisers are never thrown by whatever the client (oops, sorry, other person on stage) says or does… unless they want to use their emotional response as a way to make […]

  • Improv and Business


    Improvising teaches you to listen, to build on others’ ideas. To notice the unspoken and bring it to light. To break the routine and value the input of others. Here are some lessons from improvising from Forbes and the Dean of the Management School at Boston College. And a reasoned argument from Eran Thomson about […]

  • Quieten your brain with improv


    You know I love to improvise. Here’s some neuroscience about it. When your brain becomes ‘quieter’, remarkable things can happen. It’s time to go with the flow Making it up as you go along: how your brain improvises 

  • Improvising for Science


    Improvisation is about dealing gracefully and creatively with the unexpected. About adjusting your communication so it’s heard. That’s why they’re teaching it to scientists now. I improvise regularly to keep getting better at both of these important skills. I work improvisation into most of my offsites and training programs (Presentation Mastery, Making no Sound like Yes). The […]

  • The complexity of creative personalities


    Creative people are not easy to pin down. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the guy who pinned down “Flow” so beautifully kinda fails to do so with this list of ten pairs of opposite traits that creative people exhibit. But worth a look, because maybe there’s a trait he’s missed? Ten Pairs of Opposite Traits That Creative People Exhibit