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  • It’s worth reading a book too…


    Reading a book allows you to re-tell a story more effectively (compared to reading on a kindle or a tablet). Read Everything Science Knows About Reading On Screens and find out more for yourself.

  • Improvisation applied to Field Service


    American Express, Dupont, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and more have used improv training to help improve employees’ communication skills, adaptability and ability to handle a crisis Read more about it here: 3 Ways Improv Comedy Can Improve Field Service

  • Improvisation teaches soft skills


    When improvisation is done well, it’s all about the soft skills of listening, collaborating, letting others’ ideas come forward, and building on them. Here’s Canberra-based Nick Byrne, Director of the yearly Improvention, talking about improv as a form of theatre.

  • Yes And


    Improvising from the perspective of Second City as reviewed by 800-CEO-READ. An interesting idea about diversity in teams and team-building vs ensemble building. Click here to read

  • Listening better


    How Improv Theater Can Make You Better at Dating has some gems if you are dating. The principles apply of course also to job interviews, performance reviews and just hanging out with the team. And if you want a non-improv related take, this is an excellent post on Active Listening (and why it’s very hard!). And […]

  • Improvisation helps you manage change


    Maybe you need some improvisation skills! Improvisation May Be the Key to Successfully Managing Change, Says MIT  Essentially improv gives you the skills to stay calm under pressure, while remaining graceful and creative. The skills of improvisation make your communication partner feel heard and allow you to work at the top of your intelligence. For more […]

  • Innovation: play or make it hard (or both?)


    Innovation isn’t always easy to discover. Here are two different approaches: make it harder, or play more. This article suggests that making an activity harder will lead to innovation (because you have to be more deliberate in its execution).  And this one suggests that play leads to innovation. I know I’d rather play, but what […]