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  • Listening is the willingness to change


    Entertaining 10:50 video from Dave Morris, a Canadian improviser. He describes the “way of improvisation” in 7 “rules”: play let yourself fail (which is different to failing… giving yourself permission is half the issue) listen (listening is the willingness to change) say yes say and (we love “yes men”, but we love “and men” even […]

  • Why using improvisation to teach business skills is no joke


    As the focus on working smarter changes to working with purpose and meaning (see Dan Ariely’s talk on TED for example), improvisation is becoming more important: because it teaches people to listen, to hear more than just the words (but also the body language, the nuance, the tiny gestures, the tics). CNN agrees: Why using improvisation […]

  • There are no mistakes in improvisation


    Mistakes are only mistakes because we don’t listen and adjust to incorporate them, says Stefon Harris in There are no mistakes on the bandstand. Music goes till about 9:58 or so in, so if you’re in a hurry, fast forward! Or download enounce, which allows you to adjust the speed of online video – it […]

  • Improvising – building on others’ ideas


    Improvising is a nice metaphor for social media.  You start with their idea, and you add to it. It’s a conversation! I particularly like the line The core to improv is to take someone else’s idea and to make something new and compelling out of it

  • Humour reduces hostility


    “Humor, used skillfully, greases the management wheels… it reduces hostility, deflects criticism, relieves tension, improves morale and helps communicate difficult messages… A natural facility with humor… is intertwined with, and appears to be a marker for, a much broader managerial trait: high emotional intelligence.” Fabio Sala, “Laughing all the Way to the Bank,” Harvard Business […]

  • Play


    “Play is not just joyful and energizing, it’s also deeply involved in developing humans and intelligence. Continuing to play as adults makes us smarter and more innovative”. Stuart Brown Play: how it shapes the brain, opens the imagination and invigorates the soul Here is his TED talk (follow this link on mobile)   Some more on […]