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  • The future…


    “The future of the planet is becoming less about being efficient, producing more stuff and protecting our turf, and more about working together, embracing change and being creative… It’s time we listen to children and allow neoteny [being child-like] to guide us beyond the rigid frameworks and dogma created by adults”. Joi Ito, in Seth […]

  • Improvisation is compelling


    “improvisation comedy… involves people making very sophisticated decisions on the spur of the moment, without the benefit of any kinds of script or plot. That’s what makes it so compelling…” Malcolm Gladwell, Blink, 2005

  • All the TAFE MGSM links


    Original artwork by Cindy Tonkin 2009 I played for 3 hours with inspiring High Potential individuals from TAFE last night at MGSM. Here are links to the references I made: Time to Think – about giving people time to think and speak, and how you can solve your own problems if someone just listens The […]

  • Conan O’Brien says improv is like surfing


    Conan O’Brien says Improvising is like surfing in this Fast Company article on the top 100 creative people in America. “I heard once years ago, they did a study and they found that really successful CEOs are good at knowing what’s in their control and what’s not in their control”. This is what improvising gives you […]

  • Improvising: self-aware but not self-monitored


    Everyone who adopts the improvising mindset knows that it does something to your head. It frees up your mind, makes you feel smarter and come up with ideas you didn’t know you had. And see the value in other people’s ideas in a way you wouldn’t otherwise. So it’s wonderful that people like Charles Limb, […]

  • Sailors, Outward Bound and Confidence


    It seems that British Sailors in WWII were often stranded in the icy waters of the North Atlantic after their ships sank. Doctors noticed, surprisingly, that the older sailors survived longer than the younger sailors This didn’t seem to make sense. Younger sailors were fitter than the older sailors, and would seemingly be more likely to […]

  • Playing makes you smarter


    Listen to Stuart Brown, an expert on play, speaking at TED. His research says that play is not just joyful and energising, it’s also deeply involved in developing humans and intelligence. Continuing to play as adults makes us smarter and more innovative, he says. Stuart is the author of Play: how it shapes the brain, […]

  • It’s all in the debrief


    Back in November 08 I ran a 3 hour improvising session for facilitators. Here’s an outline of the session from one of the facilitators‘ points of view. Daryl’s point is that games aren’t just touchy-feely – and that much of the learning is in the debrief. The Buddhists say how you do anything is how […]