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  • Wisdom and improvisation


    I have just watch Barry Schwartz speaking on wisdom. Larry asserts that a wise person knows when to improvise. He uses the example of hospital janitors recognising patient needs and adjusting their work activities appropriately. These show classic improvisation skills such as: Listening and being aware of what is needed Yielding to the situation Being […]

  • Charles Darwin the improviser


    Hey, Charles Darwin said: “in the long history of humankind (and animalkind too), those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed”. So Charlie was an improviser too!

  • Improvisation in business


    The online magazine Change This has a great article on how improvisation techniques can help business people. It also talks about animation techniques used by Walt Disney in 1937. Enjoy! For more on improv applied to business check out these posts: Selling, being confident and games Improvising: listening, reacting, supporting Improv and Business Quieten your brain […]

  • Neurological Links


    When I ran my improv session for the Australasian Facilitators’ Network Conference yesterday, I mentioned that being able to reframe on the fly was especially important when things aren’t going so well. There’s an outline of some of the neurological research in David Rock’s classic Your Brain at Work. The bottom line is when we […]

  • Story-telling: risk is exciting!


    We just got back from a cool job in Vietnam. We helped 42 accountants find their inner story teller in front of 100 of their peers. The program was part of a broader agenda for corporate social responsibility, and was quite impressively managed and pulled together. We used a process we call Epic Journey, involving […]