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  • Improvising: listening, reacting, supporting


    I’m such a fan of improvisation as a way to become more human, more connected and smarter. It’s also about listening, reacting and supporting. Great improvisers are never thrown by whatever the client (oops, sorry, other person on stage) says or does… unless they want to use their emotional response as a way to make […]

  • A feedback option that works


    Seth Godin has so many nuggets it’s hard not to just re-post about 80% of what he writes. This one is very useful though. He suggests that when we receive negative feedback we don’t counter each one, but instead write each down. This makes the client (staff member, spouse) feel heard. And it gives us time to […]

  • Change the words you use


    Dramatically Improve Your Sales With This Magically Worded Question suggests you should never ask “are you the decision-maker” but a better worded question “Who else is participating in this decision with you?”.

  • Remember more by doodling


    We all need to remember more. Why You Should Doodle More outlines research suggesting that you remember more information with less effort when you doodle.

  • Listening better


    How Improv Theater Can Make You Better at Dating has some gems if you are dating. The principles apply of course also to job interviews, performance reviews and just hanging out with the team. And if you want a non-improv related take, this is an excellent post on Active Listening (and why it’s very hard!). And […]