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  • Predictor Behind Successful Relationships


    The Powerful Predictor Behind Successful Relationships from Farnam Street summarises what makes the beginnings and tell-tale signs of a relationship crumbling. It’s not just about your spouse, it’s also about your boss, your client or your co-worker. Some practical suggestions on how to recognise negative patterns and what to do to interrupt and turn them around.

  • Settle Workplace Disagreements


    It has been said that the quality of your questions determines the quality of your response. These 5 Questions You’ll Need to Settle Workplace Disagreements from 99U will improve the quality of your working life!

  • Improvisation helps you manage change


    Maybe you need some improvisation skills! Improvisation May Be the Key to Successfully Managing Change, Says MIT  Essentially improv gives you the skills to stay calm under pressure, while remaining graceful and creative. The skills of improvisation make your communication partner feel heard and allow you to work at the top of your intelligence. For more […]

  • Listening is the willingness to change


    Entertaining 10:50 video from Dave Morris, a Canadian improviser. He describes the “way of improvisation” in 7 “rules”: play let yourself fail (which is different to failing… giving yourself permission is half the issue) listen (listening is the willingness to change) say yes say and (we love “yes men”, but we love “and men” even […]

  • The future…


    “The future of the planet is becoming less about being efficient, producing more stuff and protecting our turf, and more about working together, embracing change and being creative… It’s time we listen to children and allow neoteny [being child-like] to guide us beyond the rigid frameworks and dogma created by adults”. Joi Ito, in Seth […]

  • Improvising: self-aware but not self-monitored


    Everyone who adopts the improvising mindset knows that it does something to your head. It frees up your mind, makes you feel smarter and come up with ideas you didn’t know you had. And see the value in other people’s ideas in a way you wouldn’t otherwise. So it’s wonderful that people like Charles Limb, […]

  • The surfer story


    At lunch today with Glen, he told me the story about one of his bosses who dealt very well with conflict and stress. This boss always overspent his budget, and was constantly in trouble with the internal auditors. He was incidentally a great boss to work for. He was also a surfer. When a wave […]