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  • Persuading people


    Coaching women in business I find that part of every woman’s job is persuading others to take on her ideas, do what she asks them to or even buy what she’s selling. If that’s you, then you need to know Robert Cialdini’s six influence principles (Commitment and Consistency, Reciprocity, Social Proof, Authority, Liking, Scarcity). The […]

  • Leverage your technical experts


    Are you getting the most out of your technical expert consulting teams? Your data scientists, data analysts, market researchers, the trusted advisors who give your business its edge? How can you leverage your technical experts and stop making these mistakes? See here’s the thing: people are tricky. Way trickier than data. And the smarter they […]

  • Advertising and influencing


    This interview is well worth a listen Rory Sutherland from Ogilvie talks about advertising as an influencing tool (not just to encourage people to buy but to fix problems and influence behaviour). The discussion is wide-ranging and interesting. I listened to it lying in bed on a Sunday morning, and i can say i felt […]

  • Strategy from Lego


    Check out this interesting interview with the former CEO of Lego from 2014. Here are some of my highlights: for 2 years, we didn’t have a strategy; we had a detailed action plan companies don’t die of starvation, they die of indigestion Less talk, more action: you can’t think yourself more effective They tracked their […]

  • Identify the mistakes


    You know how things go wrong at work, but no one wants to admit it? And you end up finding out way too late to fix it, learn from it or even apologise for it? Great tip in this video from Dan Pink for getting teams to tell you what has gone wrong quickly.  

  • Difficult questions


    You stand at the front of a room, you lead a change process, you ask people to do something new. You’re going to get questions. Sometimes you don’t want to answer those questions. Sometimes you can’t. Some sample difficult questions Presentation Mastery includes a whole segment on answering questions.  Here in case you would like […]

  • Training isn’t all about the classroom


    Many organisations have gone all 70/20/10 on professional training and development. This seems to have given Finance an excuse to cut budgets to only 10% of what they were. Dumb move. Here’s why. The theory of 70/20/10 is that 70% of your learning comes from experience, 20% from others  (shadowing, mentoring, story-telling for example) and 10% […]

  • Influencing people you don’t pay


    If you’re not their boss but you still want them to play along with you, here are some ideas on getting people to collaborate when you don’t control their salary. Twin it with this interesting take on how acting like a magician (i.e. preparing a LOT and aiming to WOW!) can make you more politically […]

  • Dressing for Success still works


    Notching up your dress standards does make a difference: New studies suggest that when workers wear nicer clothes, they achieve more. Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success. Here are some pix (from the US/UK, so it’s a little more formal than Australians tend to be) that give you a sense of what each standard means.