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  • Your job has changed


    Your job has changed: If you’re in management you’ll need to be able to work with the results of data and insights from it. Read Artificial intelligence meets the C-suite.

  • How To Be Someone People Love To Talk To


    I just love this: How To Be Someone People Love To Talk To. Everything you want to know, including how to lower your phone bill how to make a good first impression, prevent awkward silences and what the best subjects to discuss are.

  • Learned Helplessness


    Interesting take on Learned Helplessness in organisations: When people believe that their efforts at work don’t matter, they tend to respond in one of two ways. Sometimes they check out and stop trying, like the mathematically challenged child. The other response is less obvious at first. They do the opposite. They become hyperactive. They accept every opportunity […]

  • How To Read People Like Sherlock Holmes


    Want to read people better? Read this article on Reading people like Sherlock Holmes does.  Here’s his summary: Don’t make assumptions based on a single item. Look for trends and themes. (And definitely eye the trash can.) First impressions are often accurate but be ready to update them quickly. Extroversion and self-esteem are easy to spot. Clothing can […]

  • 7 Ways to get people to like you: From An FBI Behavior Expert


    You know that I’m big on rapport, and I’m an improviser so I say “yes and”. This is a useful article giving you some basics in getting people to like you that is worth your time. “seeking advice is among the most effective ways to influence peers, superiors, and subordinates” via How To Get People […]

  • The frame matters


    When Santa asks a kid “What do you want for Christmas” they choose the big chocolate. When Santa asks a kid “What do you want to give to someone for Christmas” they choose the small chocolate. The words you use and particularly the frame you use matters.  

  • Predictor Behind Successful Relationships


    The Powerful Predictor Behind Successful Relationships from Farnam Street summarises what makes the beginnings and tell-tale signs of a relationship crumbling. It’s not just about your spouse, it’s also about your boss, your client or your co-worker. Some practical suggestions on how to recognise negative patterns and what to do to interrupt and turn them around.