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  • When matters


    If you’re fresh in the morning then do the difficult meetings then. Choose the time that’s best for you. If you generally are dozy after lunch, then consider two things: If you can, don’t schedule important meetings then If you’re not yet powerful enough to do this, then do what you can to reduce it: […]

  • Managing your time is a political issue


    I have never yet heard a coaching client say “I have so much time, please give me something to do” (well if I did it wouldn’t be for very long, someone would certainly fill up their day with stuff!). So time’s an issue for most of us. Here are a few tips that may help […]

  • Get happier


    The internet is full of research on how to be happier. Take some of these ideas and play with them. Firstly, this research suggests that just noticing the natural environment: the tree by the bus stop, the roses on your doorstep, can make you happier. 4 Rituals To Keep You Happy All The Time says: Count […]

  • Meaning makes you happy


    It’s not just about doing what you love, it’s about doing what makes your life meaningful. The short version is you need to: Belong to a group Give your work purpose Craft your story: End it with redemption, not contamination, and become the superhero of your life. Find Transcendence: Nature is big. Your problems are […]

  • Get people to like you


    You know that I’m big on rapport, and I’m an improviser so I say “yes and”. This is a useful article giving you some basics in getting people to like you that is worth your time. “seeking advice is among the most effective ways to influence peers, superiors, and subordinates” more in How To Get […]

  • Effective meetings


    The higher you get in an organisation the more time you spend in meetings. While it’s clear that for some just being in the meeting is their job (!), if you’d like to get the rest of your job done more effectively, these tools on Productive Meetings are a great place to start, and may help you […]

  • Eureka Moments


    Insight is what separates the great from the also ran. It’s an essential component of political acumen. It’s part of what makes you emotionally intelligent in the face of all kinds of adversity. Where Do Eureka Moments Come From? outlines research on insight and where it comes from. Watch out for the coffee, and be aware that […]

  • Breathe, unplug, daydream… to be more productive


    You can be more productive than you are. Here are two different ends of the spectrum: some holistic solutions and a few more practical. Which one appeals to you more? This Inc article offers 5 Tips for Increased Productivity through Mindfulness. They are: Take five to breathe Download a meditation app. Uni-task Let your mind wander […]

  • Wanna be lucky?


    They say luck is the combination of preparation and opportunity. So 5 Things Super Lucky People Do  is worth a peruse. I especially like number 5: Follow up (follow up is as important as initiating). And follow up with this cool Dan Pink video about lucky objects to psyche us up.

  • You’re hijacked


    Pause for Thought: Your attention is your most valuable resource, and it’s being hijacked by technology companies. Tech companies (facebook, youtube, snapchat, ted) are scheduling our lives for us by steering the time lines of a billion people (insane! the influence in that is incredible). Watch this video from TED. Here are some of the points […]