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  • Get messy


    Mess makes you more productive (but you won’t like it). I notice when helping peopleĀ change their habits that they’ll often talk about how it feels weird, strange or uncomfortable to do the new thing (and without a little prompting they will just go back to how it was). They have to have a really good […]

  • I can’t say no to my colleague


    I can’t say no. That’s what it feels like when a colleague asks for help. Saying no to clients is hard, as I’ve discussed before here. Saying no to your colleagues is harder, because there’s that team work thing to take into account. Can’t say no? get ready for generosity burnout Here’s a few tips […]

  • Improv and Business


    Improvising teaches you to listen, to build on others’ ideas. To notice the unspoken and bring it to light. To break the routine and value the input of others. Here are some lessons from improvising from Forbes and the Dean of the Management School at Boston College. And a reasoned argument from Eran Thomson about […]

  • 4QL yourself


    If you’ve planned something and not followed through on it at any stage in your life, this may help. This article summarises the 4 quadrants of 4 quadrant leadership*, and then suggests applying each of the 4 styles of management to yourself when you’re managing yourself towards your own goals. Food for thought! Four quadrant […]

  • Intuition and when to use it


    Insight, intuition, making faster decisions, I’m a junkie for that kind of stuff. Here’s some great advice on when to use intuition. The distinction between a puzzle (which is soluble, has an answer) and a mystery (which may never be answerable) is a good one; mystery you use intuition (just ask Miss Marple, Sherlock and […]

  • Irresistible you


    This video has the results of interesting research on research done by reviewing TED talks and getting people to rate the charisma of each speaker. What they found is that our body language is much more important than the sound. You’ve got seven seconds. Here are the researchers’ suggestions hand gestures matter: (good speakers make […]

  • Charisma 101


    This video has the results of interesting research on how you can learn charisma: Embrace imperfections Don’t be a conversational narcissist Gush don’t gossip (watch out for “spontaneous trait transference”) show your handsĀ above the table (they rate you as trustworthy if they can see your hands gaze deeply in their eyes (notice their eye colour)

  • Meaning makes you happy


    It’s not just about doing what you love, it’s about doing what makes your life meaningful. The short version is you need to: Belong to a group Give your work purpose Craft your story: End it with redemption, not contamination, and become the superhero of your life. Find Transcendence: Nature is big. Your problems are […]

  • Assertive works


    My client, Anne, would say to her manager “Oh that’s a real problem, I am having difficulty with that”. She thought that was asking for help. When her manager didn’t respond with help, Anne felt slighted. Once she worked out that she’d been using a passive communication technique she could retrospectively evaluate other times when […]

  • Take more breaks earlier (and you’ll need fewer breaks)


    Ya just gotta take a break! See why and how. Some gems: take breaks earlier in the day when you don’t need them, and you don’t need to have longer. make sure that what you do when you take a break uses different mental resources than what you’re doing all day (don’t go from analysing […]