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  • Effective meetings


    The higher you get in an organisation the more time you spend in meetings. While it’s clear that for some just being in the meeting is their job (!), if you’d like to get the rest of your job done more effectively, these tools on Productive Meetings are a great place to start, and may help you […]

  • Meet Standing up


    Want More Productive Meetings? Ditch Your Chairs follows up on the prevalent idea that Sitting is the New Smoking, showing that standing up makes meeting quicker, and in fact people are better team players.

  • Making meetings happen better


    This summary of some MIT research into meeting behaviours suggests that when people start asking for detailed information there is a decision in progress… and then when they begin their sentences with “yeah” it’s being made. I’d be curious to know if you can create a decision by asking for details, and beginning sentences with […]