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  • Saying no to a project


    There are so many things that we COULD be doing with our time. I always say that time management is a political issue, meaning that putting our time where others want it to be can be a political choice (where does your boss want you to focus? where does your client want you to focus?). […]

  • Management Secrets


    Managing people is not easy. So I’ve been gathering some great ideas for you. Management Secrets: Core Beliefs of Great Bosses outlines some important concepts (including “my employees are my peers, not my children”). And here’s another: stop asking your direct reports “How can I help you?”. Here’s why.    

  • Make Friends, Not Contacts: 5 Tips for Networking


    If you want to be happy, make friends. If you want to get a head in business network, right? No, just make friends. Here’s why and here’s how. This review of the book Never Eat Alone offers 5 tips for networking: try to Make Friends, Not Contacts. And here’s how to make friends (and why you’d want to). […]

  • When you have to say no!


    Saying no isn’t a comfortable experience for you. Or for your clients, colleagues or kids. They don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to say it. Read Seth Godin on when you have to say no. And we know there are so many reasons to say no. So you need to know how to make No […]

  • Why Karaoke will give you success at work


    Karaoke can make you look foolish. But showing your vulnerabilities can work to make you more popular. See this excellent post from Barking up the Wrong Tree which suggests ways to improve difficult relationships, including Screw up: If you’ve been presenting too perfect an image, it’s time for karaoke. Show you care: Apologize for the rain […]

  • A feedback option that works


    Seth Godin has so many nuggets it’s hard not to just re-post about 80% of what he writes. This one is very useful though. He suggests that when we receive negative feedback we don’t counter each one, but instead write each down. This makes the client (staff member, spouse) feel heard. And it gives us time to […]