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  • Colours have meaning


    How are you using colour in your dress, your office, your business card, your materials? Check out what colours mean in movies, from professional colorists. Inside The Manipulative World Of Film Color Correction

  •  Handwriting makes you smarter


    You might type notes faster than you write them, but according to research, longhand is better for remembering and synthesizing information. Source: Close your laptop. Handwriting could make you smarter.

  • A picture paints 1000….


    Or, “why email is still represented by an envelope.” Design professor Josiah Kahane explains. How Your Brain Understands Visual Language. There is research that says that using visual aids when you explain or present enhances understanding and your credibility. So get away from those all words presentations, and get some visual language in there!

  • How’s your strategy?


    Six Strategy Traps outlines the do-it-all strategy the Don Quixote Strategy the Waterloo Strategy the something-for-everyone strategy the dreams-that-never-come-true strategy the program-of-the-month strategy. Which one are you in danger of setting up right now? Fix it!

  • First Impressions


    “Students learned more from teachers who were seen in the thin slices as having the qualities of a better teacher” Read the article here.

  • Capturing attention


    Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attention, outlines the need for you to harness the three types of attention: immediate, short and long term. The link takes you to an excerpt. It uses an interview with the creator of Super Mario to show how this works.

  • The vital habit of noticing stories


    So we all know that story is an excellent way to teach, inspire and inform. Story transmits cultural values, starts useful conversations and entertains. When I run Presentation Mastery we tell stories, sometimes inconsequential ones, and make them important. But it’s always good when the stories themselves are important and illustrative. In How to develop the vital […]