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  • Identify the mistakes


    You know how things go wrong at work, but no one wants to admit it? And you end up finding out way too late to fix it, learn from it or even apologise for it? Great tip in this video from Dan Pink for getting teams to tell you what has gone wrong quickly.  

  • Predictor Behind Successful Relationships


    The Powerful Predictor Behind Successful Relationships from Farnam Street summarises what makes the beginnings and tell-tale signs of a relationship crumbling. It’s not just about your spouse, it’s also about your boss, your client or your co-worker. Some practical suggestions on how to recognise negative patterns and what to do to interrupt and turn them around.

  • Say Sorry


    To say sorry can be tricky. How not to say sorry Sorry Not Sorry: How to Non-Apologize is a comedian’s perspective on apologising. It tells you how to say sorry without really apologising. “show no self-awareness regarding your actions, and absolutely no real remorse”. For more bad apologies check this out. How to say sorry And here is […]

  • Maximum ROI From Saying “Thanks”


    Research on acknowledging (vs ignoring) people’s work tells us it’s important to say thanks, to acknowledge. Just as important for clients as it is for staff. But how and to what end? Here are 5 Tips To Get Maximum ROI From Saying “Thanks”. For the research itself, check out Dan Ariely’s TED talk – especially from […]