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  • Effective meetings


    The higher you get in an organisation the more time you spend in meetings. While it’s clear that for some just being in the meeting is their job (!), if you’d like to get the rest of your job done more effectively, these tools on Productive Meetings are a great place to start, and may help you […]

  • Psychopaths abound


    So you thought your boss was difficult. Is he or she actually a psychopath? Read about the high percentage of psychopaths in senior corporate life here. Then if you’re interested on dealing with it: read my article on the things your CEO won’t tell you about corporate politics here. how to deal with passive-aggressive people […]

  • Tactics to Influence: Get what you want!


    You want to get what you want. If you don’t already have it then what you’re doing is not going to get it for you. You know that the definition of insanity is doing the same things and expecting different results. Here are some clues on what you might consider doing differently. The Primary Tactics […]

  • Tips on psychopaths in the workplace


    Psychopaths are never fun. Especially if you rely on them for work instructions, performance appraisals or day-to-day survival. Many of my clients have had to deal with psychopaths. It’s never fun. I even wrote about it here (Office Politics: Is this hill worth dying on?) and here (Dealing with Toxic CEOs). This is a great […]

  • Dressing for Success still works


    Notching up your dress standards does make a difference: New studies suggest that when workers wear nicer clothes, they achieve more. Why Dressing for Success Leads to Success. Here are some pix (from the US/UK, so it’s a little more formal than Australians tend to be) that give you a sense of what each standard means.

  • How to look more popular


    The outcomes of some cool research on what makes people look more popular in photos Stop watching at 3:50, because it’s just an ad for her program. Here are her keys: Don’t smirk Tilt your head (it says engaged and approachable) Do a REAL smile (with your eyes, not just your teeth)

  • Narcissists 101


    Narcissism is on the rise. It’s all about them. And it can drive you crazy when you need help, want to get something done or just be real. Here’s how to deal with it when you can actually get away. When you can’t, try these strategies. Other posts on dealing with difficult people: Charisma 101 […]

  • Great Body Language


    Most people are unaware of their body language. Hey, most people are unaware of many of the things that other people use to judge, categorise and navigate dealing with each other (what you wear, how you speak, what you tell people). If you want to look like a boss, influence people, get a date or just […]

  • Culture eats strategy for breakfast


    It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is if the culture isn’t aligned with it. And when your culture IS aligned with strategy, then things magically happen. David Maister talked about it in Strategy and the Fat Smoker, and this article from Farnam Street summarises Plain Talk on the same subject.