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  • Appear Smart in Meetings


    If you’re in need of a boost, try these 10 Tricks to Appear Smart During Meetings. It’s supposed to be comedy, but I suspect they all work! And another version of the same article with better drawings here.

  • Is this the source of “entitlement mentality”?


     Are you an Asker or a Guesser? summarises a metaprogram which explains that some people “ask”, fully expecting the answer could be no, others “guess” and hint around things but never ask unless they know the answer will be yes. In corporate culture askers could be perceived as having an “entitlement mentality”, when in fact it’s […]

  • The Leadership Pipeline


    Interesting summary of Drotter’s Leadership Pipeline. 6 passages between 5 levels of leadership. Nicely summarises the issues of moving from one level to the next. If you’re ambitious, you need to know where you sit and start addressing your next challenge! Read it here.

  • In Grief, Try Personal Rituals


    In Grief, Try Personal Rituals. I’m putting this here more for my own memory than because it’s entirely relevant to political acumen. But if you’re dealing with the loss of a job or a coveted position, perhaps it will be useful to you.

  • Being cool, a primer


    How To Be Cool: 5 Research-Backed Tips gives you a few pointers on being cool. I especially like the emphasis on being cool inside so your body language betrays that, rather than trying to control every small gesture.

  • Your Product is Decisions


    For many people in the world of non-tangible products (finance, IT, HR) Your Product is Decisions. Make the process you use to make decisions consistent and you have a better chance, according to Daniel Kahneman.