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  • Listening is the willingness to change


    Entertaining 10:50 video from Dave Morris, a Canadian improviser. He describes the “way of improvisation” in 7 “rules”: play let yourself fail (which is different to failing… giving yourself permission is half the issue) listen (listening is the willingness to change) say yes say and (we love “yes men”, but we love “and men” even […]

  • Help clients help themselves


    It’s important to get clients on board, complying with your suggestions and being part of the journey to the outcome. They need to trust you and take your advice. This article, 5 Storytelling Concepts That Health Care Firms Are Using To Change Patient Behavior tells the story of how hospitals are getting exactly those kinds of results using […]

  • Story is worth $


    “Story is worth about $1 trillion a year to the US economy. So organizations are embracing the story ethic…” Dan Pink, A Whole New Mind, 2005

  • Improvising: self-aware but not self-monitored


    Everyone who adopts the improvising mindset knows that it does something to your head. It frees up your mind, makes you feel smarter and come up with ideas you didn’t know you had. And see the value in other people’s ideas in a way you wouldn’t otherwise. So it’s wonderful that people like Charles Limb, […]

  • The hero’s journey: bringing creative to corporate


    The corporate audience needs our creative message. One of our biggest strengths is our absolute conviction in the quality and importance of creative methods in solving the world’s problems. This is of course one of our biggest liabilities too! This paper addresses the creatives who want to work in corporate. Corporates have ways of working which can […]

  • Sailors, Outward Bound and Confidence


    It seems that British Sailors in WWII were often stranded in the icy waters of the North Atlantic after their ships sank. Doctors noticed, surprisingly, that the older sailors survived longer than the younger sailors This didn’t seem to make sense. Younger sailors were fitter than the older sailors, and would seemingly be more likely to […]

  • The surfer story


    At lunch today with Glen, he told me the story about one of his bosses who dealt very well with conflict and stress. This boss always overspent his budget, and was constantly in trouble with the internal auditors. He was incidentally a great boss to work for. He was also a surfer. When a wave […]

  • Story-telling: risk is exciting!


    We just got back from a cool job in Vietnam. We helped 42 accountants find their inner story teller in front of 100 of their peers. The program was part of a broader agenda for corporate social responsibility, and was quite impressively managed and pulled together. We used a process we call Epic Journey, involving […]