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  • Improv in Business: Working At The Top of Your Intelligence


    “Recall that moment when you where your most creative, aware, and tuned into the world around you. Imagine how valuable it would be to harness that state of mind and apply it at will to your most stressful and challenging business situations”… Read this change this manifesto from a musical improviser, likening improvisation in business to […]

  • Get more from those TED Videos


    If you like me watch a lot of videos, you’ll be interested in this research on how to make the most of learning from the video medium. The essence of the concept is to set yourself a series of pre-questions. Then watch with answering those questions in mind. Some generic ones you may find useful […]

  • Difficult questions


    You stand at the front of a room, you lead a change process, you ask people to do something new. You’re going to get questions. Sometimes you don’t want to answer those questions. Sometimes you can’t. Some sample difficult questions Presentation Mastery includes a whole segment on answering questions.  Here in case you would like […]

  • Hell Yeah! or no


    Since I’ve started collecting things about how to make a “no” sound more like a “yes” for this program, I’ve come across a treasure trove of reasons you sometimes need to say no. It’s against the conventional wisdom (of say yes to everything) and against basic improvisation lore (law?) – the answer is always yes. […]

  • Saying No is a power…


    “I think power is having the freedom to say no to something you don’t want to do. Feeling like you can say without any negative repercussions is an important kind of power” Tiny Fey *Hear Tiny Fey in full here (skip to 20:21). Find out about my Make a No Sound like a Yes Program. Click here.

  • You gotta say no sometimes!


    We all must say “NO” to our clients sometimes. But how we say it, and why we choose to do so should be something we have determined in advanced. Strategy in Business talks about How to Say no when it really counts (I don’t think it goes far enough or gets practical enough on the how-to). […]

  • Saying no is the hardest lesson


    Was talking to a client about my Make No Sound like Yes program today. Initially, when I tell people about this program they say “But you shouldn’t say no”. With a little delving we discover they should be saying no, but they aren’t. Instead they say yes, and find themselves regretting it. Because no one […]

  • The Consultant who always said “yes”


    Whenever I working with smart consultants in my “Make NO sound like YES” program, there are always a few consultants in the room who say they don’t ever say no. They are proud of this fact. And it’s a good attitude to have. Saying yes all the time works if you have unlimited time, your client is […]

  • Don’t call me Big Nose


    “Don’t call my wife Big Nose!” Monty Python, Life of Brian How many times today have you had to say no? Or how many times SHOULD you have said no (but didn’t). Felicity is an internal consultant for a pharmaceutical company. At the beginning of every financial year, she is charged with making sure every […]

  • Links for process improvement


    These links may help you with improving processes. Seven Good Reasons to document what you do (I wrote this!) – email me for a copy of the Quick and Easy Guide to Documenting What you do, which fleshes out those 7. A way to risk-proof any improvement options: The pre-mortem Make it personal: BPR your life (I […]