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  • When you have to say no!


    Saying no isn’t a comfortable experience for you. Or for your clients, colleagues or kids. They don’t want to hear it. You don’t want to say it. Read Seth Godin on when you have to say no. And we know there are so many reasons to say no. So you need to know how to make No […]

  • 13 ways not to say no


    Here are 13 delicious ways NOT to say no (no matter how much you want to). No. It’s out of scope. No. My boss says it’s not a priority. No. It’s not important. No. It’s a stupid idea. No. I don’t have time. No. There’s no point. No. You’re not high enough up the food […]

  •  Handwriting makes you smarter


    You might type notes faster than you write them, but according to research, longhand is better for remembering and synthesizing information. Source: Close your laptop. Handwriting could make you smarter.

  • The vital habit of noticing stories


    So we all know that story is an excellent way to teach, inspire and inform. Story transmits cultural values, starts useful conversations and entertains. When I run Presentation Mastery we tell stories, sometimes inconsequential ones, and make them important. But it’s always good when the stories themselves are important and illustrative. In How to develop the vital […]

  • Soft Skills for Technical Professionals


    Data is the new black. Analytics is the future. Research shows us that those with greater social (or soft) skills will be better paid, be promoted more and our experience tells us they’ll be better at finding out what the problem is so that they can solve it. The technology professional, data analysts, researchers and insight […]

  • Telling Stories to Make Change


    Stories can make change. Find out how with an ternal Consulting Program. Sometimes you want to engage and motivate your consulting team and still deliver a clear business message. Telling Stories to Make Change combines techniques like story-telling and improvisation games to achieve your goals for your team: bonding, strategic goal setting, cultural awareness, customer […]