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  • Emails are an issue!


    Email is an issue for us all. There’s too much of it. It provides a false sense of progress just by virtue of being answered (even if all it does is engender another email). And if we don’t answer immediately we feel guilty and anxious. The average email is answered in 6 seconds – if that’s […]

  • Writing from the pros


    If you send emails, write reports, web pages or brochures as part of your job then you are in fact a professional writer. So get pro – here are some excellent tips from professional writers like Steven Pinker, Stephen King, and film and tv writers whose names you don’t know, but whose works you do […]

  •  Handwriting makes you smarter


    You might type notes faster than you write them, but according to research, longhand is better for remembering and synthesizing information. Source: Close your laptop. Handwriting could make you smarter.

  • Writing better!


    You may not be writing fiction, but the tips in this article by Andrew Kevin Walker, writer of the movie “Seven”, will get you going. He gives five tips on how to improve your writing. How To Improve Your Writing: 5 Secrets From Hollywood They are, in short: 1. Get a good structure 2. Surprise your audience 3. […]

  • Status, Lying and Email


    The Secret Language Code: Scientific American shows how linguistic analysis can predict your status compared to your readers’, your academic success at university and whether or not you are lying! Mostly based on pronouns, concrete nouns and verbs.   And if you’d like to make your emails be more welcome and helpful, consider telling your […]

  • For the love of words


    Here’s a set of Brilliant New Words We Should Add To A Dictionary for those lovers of language out there. And complementary: (not complimentary!) Stephen Fry on language. Stephen Fry Kinetic Typography – Language from Maajid on Vimeo.

  • Get People to Open your Emails


    In corporates we could learn a lot from entrepreneurs and sales people. If you want your boss, your client, your mentor to read your email then try applying some of these practical tips: via Get People to Open your Emails.