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  • Should you send that email? really?


    I hate reply all. I hate cc everyone. I especially hate reply alls on cc everyone emails. I’m not alone. Here are some guidelines: from Seth Godin Email checklist and a flowchart for deciding whether to send that email.

  • Status and language


    The words you write betray (predict?) who you are status-wise… also your academic success, and whether you’re telling the truth. Want to know more? The Secret Language Code: Scientific American: The analysis is mostly based on pronouns, concrete nouns and verbs.  Very cool ideas!

  • More Persuasive Copy


    If you’re using email to get capex budget, bring a client or customer round to your way of thinking, or if you’re writing proposals, then HOW you approach those written pieces can get you more (or less) success. Check out The 1-2-3-4 Formula for Persuasive Copy . You can add to what you do or try a whole new way. […]

  • Visual Thesaurus – play around with words


    Spend a moment with the Visual Thesaurus, you’ll be glad you did. You put in a word, it shows you a network of words related to it, grouped like a mind map so similar kinds of words are together. Then you can click on a sub-network and delve further. I tried coach (and got the […]