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Signs that you have a Political acumen problem in your team

If you answer yes to 2 or 3 of these questions then you have a political acumen problem in your team.

political acumen

  • Does your boss sometimes ambush you with things your team should have warned you about?
  • Does your client sometimes ambush you with things your team should have warned you about?
  • Are you discovering your team has made mistakes at the worst times?
  • Does your team confuse private (within the team) and public (outside the team) information?
  • Do people in your team share data with ‘unfriendlies’?

political acumen

  • Do team members criticize the team or your leadership with influencers outside of the team?
  • Do people complain to HR or their internal clients about issues they haven’t yet brought to your attention?
  • Do your team constantly say they don’t know what the vision is?
  • Do people misunderstand the function of work-in-progress meetings?

political acumen

  • Do they spend too much time discussing what they can’t fix?
  • Do they tell you very little and then wonder why they’re not getting promoted?
  • Do they spend all their time trying to look good and fail to deliver?political acumen
  • Is there lethargy in an otherwise high-functioning team?
  • Does your high potential team make political errors in dealing with internal clients?
  • Does your boss favour your peers and fail to notice your good work?
  • Is your area the metaphoric garbage collectors – people only notice you exist when you haven’t done your job?

Get more than two or three of these and you’ve got a political problem.

Talk to Cindy Tonkin about getting some political acumen in your team.